Abdominal Pain – When to See a Gastroenterologist for Stomach Pain Treatment?


Abdominal Pain Or Stomach Pain

Abdominal pain is a very common medical condition that can either be acute or chronic in nature. The pain occurs for a multitude of reasons like numerous medical and surgical conditions and arise from organs within or adjacent to the abdominal cavity.

In most cases it will be due to some benign reasons (not so serious), but it is important that the condition gets evaluated by a gastroenterologist to exclude sinister conditions.

“If you wake up with a stomachache, and the night before you had a heavy meal of steak, red wine and chocolate, chances are your pain is directly related, especially if you have a history of acid reflux. You need to be conscious of your lifestyle. In another example, women may regularly experience menstrual cramps, and can even have pain in the lower abdomen midway through their cycle due to ovulation. You need to be in tune with your body. Most of us have some sense of when something feels normal and when it doesn’t feel quite right.” – Dr. Christine Stallkamp, MD, FAAFP (Director of Urgent Care for Main Line Health)

Common Causes Of Abdominal Pain

Consumption of certain foods & drinks like spicy & minty foods, alcohol & caffeine can also lead to stomach pain, heartburn and gas. Even eating too much at a time right before the bedtime can cause reflux.

Viral gastrointestinal infection
Commonly known as stomach flu, includes symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea, and sometimes fever.

This is typically described as a change in your bowel pattern with infrequent bowel movements, and small, hard-to-pass, stool.

Menstrual cramps
Cramps are usually predictable based on a woman’s monthly cycle.

People carry stress in different areas of their bodies like neck pain, headache and similarly stomach ache/abdominal pain.

Other Causes Of Abdominal Pain Are Listed Below According To The Common Site Of Pain

Upper Abdominal Pain

  • Cholecystitis (inflammation of the gall bladder)
  • Acute pancreatitis
  • Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
  • Pneumonia of the lower areas of the lung
  • Damage to the spleen

Lower Abdominal Pain

  • Diverticular disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Kidney stones
  • Hernias
  • Pelvic disease
  • Gastroenteritis or infection of the urinary tract


When To See A Gastroenterologist For Abdominal Pain Treatment

History of heart conditions
If you have had a past history of heart conditions and experiencing abdominal pain, you should immediately see your doctor, especially if pain occurs higher up in the stomach. This may be a sign of a heart attack, particularly in women.

History of diabetes or high blood pressure
If you have any history of high blood pressure and you are a diabetic, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Acute pain
Acute pain or a sudden pain in the right stomach area might signal some serious conditions like gallbladder attack or appendicitis.


When contacting your gastroenterologist for abdominal pain treatment, inform the doctor exactly where the pain is, how long it has been present, whether is dull or sharp and how often it comes and goes. These are some of the crucial information that helps your physician to determine the potential cause and recommend most appropriate treatment options for colonoscopy or endoscopy.

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