What is a gastroscopy?

A gastroscopy is a telescopic and visual examination of the oesophagus, stomach and the upper section of the small bowel. This is performed by passing a small flexible tube through the mouth and down into the stomach.

During the examination, biopsies may be taken by passing a small forceps through the scope to pinch the lining of the stomach. This is completely painless.

Using the scope, your doctor can look for ulcers, inflammation, tumours, infection, or bleeding. He or she can collect tissue samples (biopsy), remove polyps, and treat bleeding through the scope. Your doctor may find problems that do not show up on X-ray tests.

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Why do you need a gastroscopy?

You might have a gastroenterologist may suggest you a gastroscopy to find out the cause of symptoms such as:

  • abnormal bleeding
  • indigestion
  • low levels of iron (iron deficiency anaemia)
  • difficulty swallowing

Gastroscopy in Ahmedabad - Preparing for the test

You might have blood tests before the test to check your blood levels and how well your blood clots. You need to tell your doctor if you take any medications. You can’t eat for 6 hours before the test, but you might be able to drink sips of water up to 2 hours beforehand.

Your endoscopist shall explain the entire procedure during the time you can ask any doubts with the doctor. Usually this test is done when you are awake, but you can choose to have medication for sedation.

It takes around 15 minutes, but you may be asked to stay in hospital for few hours and you can go home on the same day.

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